Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Beginnings

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.  -John Lennon

And just like the title of this blog, I am trying to live in the moment.  Life has a funny way of messing you up when you least expect it. For the very first time in my life since I started working, I find myself without a job.  And it's weird. So I'm trying to keep busy until the next adventure comes along.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mostly Afters

The bathroom is mostly complete.  The door is actually hung but I haven't painted it yet so no pictures with the new door.  But I thought I better throw an update out there since we have moved on to other projects.  

Home Depot was having a pretty good sale this month, so we decided to go ahead and purchase the washer and dryer. I had originally thought we would wait until Christmas time.  But what the heck, right!  I had looked at a bunch of different models but decided to go with this brand and model since we were pretty familiar with this set.  Mike's mom has this version in Arizona and I was quite impressed with them..So that's what we got. 

The 2nd floor laundry has new appliances and the cabinet just came in today.  So this room is nearly complete too.  All we have to finish is: Baseboards, cabinet/sink, counter top and door. 

Summer has been a pretty productive one on the home project front.  We are currently working on the living room and that room should be done by fall.  It's not a total gut job but we are still working through the details of what we want and how things will function.   

All in all - things are looking pretty amazing at the house.  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rebuilding a Bathroom

Our first floor bathroom was the ugliest bathroom I have ever seen!  This room sits below the laundry room on the second floor.  It only made sense to do this room at the same time since the plumbing runs along the same walls.

This bathroom had six or seven different types of tile, a horrible use of space, curling "wood" laminate floor, a leaking toilet, a vanity made out of leftover wood scraps (not pictured).  It was just a whole lot of ugly! 

Luckily, Mike ripped the floor up in the demo portion of the reno - we found missing support beams in the floor.  This would have been a big problem for the new tile floor.  Most likely it would have cracked over time.  And possibly the floor could have caved.  You can see the new beams Mike added in the next photo. 

We started calling this - The Leftover House.  We think previous owners must have used lots of leftover construction scraps whenever they came across someone else's leftovers or throw-aways.  Nothing wrong with recycling - but not when it compromises your safety. 

 New floor - building a curb for the shower - toilet placement.

 Checking out space and placement again.  
It's a small bath but we made sure to use the space the best we can! 

Next steps in this room - water proofing with RedGard, priming the walls, and then tile!! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Before/Not Quite After - 2nd Floor Laundry Room

 Second Floor Laundry - Before

Originally this was another full bathroom.  While we contemplated keeping it as is - ultimately, we decided a second floor laundry would make more sense. If we were a family with kids then a bathroom would have been smarter.  But we aren't worrying about re-sell value at all.  This is our forever home so anything we do is about how we live and the conveniences we want in our house.  

 There was some re-working of the plumbing to accommodate the new washer and dryer.  
All the plaster and lath was removed, like the sunroom, so we could add more insulation.  And the floor was in poor shape so that was removed as well.  



Once the walls were re-framed and insulation was added, new mold and moisture resistant backer board was hung and a new plywood floor was put down.  
The door frame was added and eventually we will add a door with glass so the light from the window can pass into the hallway.

 Texture was applied to both the walls and the ceiling.  And later, primed and painted.  
I love how clean everything looks at this point!

And last but not least the floor - This room was completely closed off before the renovation because of the huge holes in the floor.  And now I can walk in without fear of ending up on the 1st floor.  We are close to tile at this point - but not quite.  There are still a few more projects before we get to that. 

And so far, the only causality we have experienced was the floor drain.  Mike accidentally stepped on it and broke it when jumping off the ladder.  Opps!  So the floor drain needed to be re-worked from below.  Luckily, the bathroom right below it is completely open and gutted at this point so Mike was able to fix everything from there.  

Monday, June 6, 2016

Before/After - The Sunroom

( Before)

This is the Sunroom.  It was originally two bedrooms on the second floor (with no closets) in our 110 year old house.  It reminds me of an old sleeping porch  Mike made the decision to knock out the wall between the two rooms when he bought the house. What a great decision! This big room is probably our favorite in the house.  Mike calls it the 'Man Cave'.  I call it the 'Sun Room'.  It's really a second TV room.  Eventually, we will get a small sectional and mount a TV to the wall.  And I imagine a small round table and a couple of chairs.  Maybe a bookcase.  Pretty simple stuff.  

You can see the original plaster walls here and the cut out on the floor is where the wall would have been.
Ripping out plaster really sucks.  It's hard and it's such a dirty job. But so necessary.   You can also see the lath here - this is what the plaster holds on to. That was also ripped out so we could insulate the walls and put in more electrical boxes and a cable outlet. I think this room had only two outlets when we started.  

Mike has had to add many support beams as we open up walls.  This room got a new header in the doorway and there is a massive beam in the center of the room - which was crucial. Over the last few weeks new framing, insulation and drywall was added, and later mudding of the seams, texture for the ceiling and walls, and eventually a coat of primer and paint. 

This image shows the best representation of the paint color.  We used Behr Paint and the color is called Park Avenue.  It's a grey/beige color (griege).  It's not exactly what I wanted but it's pretty close.  Mike likes it - so it will stay. I think I will lighten it up a bit for the rest of the house. 
After two years of fostering puppies our poor rug from our living room was a smelly mess!  And it only took two days to clean it!  Mike used the pressure washer to pre-clean it and then I went over it with a carpet cleaner multiple times BUT I got a little impatient and brought it in the house before it was totally dry and we when woke up the next day - the house smelled like dirty, stinky laundry left in a gym bag, over the summer, in the trunk of your car.  It was so gross.  So I went back to the store - got another carpet cleaner - cleaned it AGAIN.  And we left it outside in the sun until it was completely DRY.  No more smell and it looks great now!  I forgot how pretty our rug is.  

We only put the rug in the sunroom because we were too lazy to move furniture again.  I must have moved the downstairs furniture six or more times moving the fans and dehumidifier around in the attempt to dry the rug out.  And we know how that worked out.  

Overall, we are both very happy with this room.  We have even used it a little bit.  My old couch, an old TV and the rug are in the room - so it feels like usable space now!  Even the dogs like it!  

Tomorrow I'll show you a progress report on the second floor laundry room. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

 Welcome to the Garden Barn!

Just another place to wander through when you need a day of retail therapy.  I really want one of those urns for our side yard but it's a little out of the budget when you are renovating an entire house.  (More photos to come on the renovation.)

Last but not least, Arlo and Puck hanging out on the back porch.  Frenemies as I like to call them.  And my beautiful flowers. I didn't buy much this year since we are working like crazy on the house.  No time for needy flowers. And hopefully, all the rain we have had recently hasn't messed them up - Time will tell!