Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunday Samplings

Just because we are renovating doesn't mean we don't get out once in a while.  Sunday afternoon, we decided to try a new restaurant in town, Guru BBQ. It did not disappoint!  It's a beautiful place with some really awesome food.  Everything we had was really good but I wish I would have gotten a bowl of the Chocolate Bacon Bacon Chili.  It's hard to describe but it incredibly delicious!  Mike had a cup with his ribs and mac & cheese.  While my pulled pork was very good - I should have gotten some chili too!  I was trying not to over do it!  We also had a half order of nachos - the tray was enormous and the flavors were really interesting - unlike anything I have had before.  Guru BBQ a cool place and definitely a must try!!


Thursday, May 12, 2016

May Flowers and House Renovations

Meet Zilara, aka Z.  After Fluffinstuff got adopted, we took in this sweet girl who was returned to us by her original family. She must have been kenneled most of that time because when we got her - she was wild!  It took two days for her to get all that energy out.  And now she is just the silliest, sweetest and quirkiest little girl.  Mike is totally in love with her.  But she met her new family last night and it looks like she will be moving on this weekend.  Her new family is just awesome and she will have 4 kids to grow up with - they are already in love with her.  Which is exactly what we want!  

Speaking of quirky - Roxie is by far the most particular girl I know.   

Our latest project in the house takes place on the second floor in the room we called the sun room. Originally,The sun room was two bedrooms but Mike took out the wall that divided the space to make one big room.  We eventually plan to make this space a second TV room.  But in the meantime, it will be our bedroom while we are knocking out plaster and rebuilding the walls on the other side of the upstairs where the Master bedroom is located.  (This picture is of the soon-to-be second floor laundry room, which is right off of the sun room. It shows you what the walls looked like before Mike re-framed and insulated the walls.  And the electric was updated the first summer I moved in - lots of progress!)  

Here you can see the original roof line of the house before the extension was added.  You can also see how Mike insulated and then framed the wall out so that he would have a level surface to work with - it's much easier to hang the drywall if you have a flat surface.  And the old wood was really beat up!

Here you can see the drywall up and the wood beam in the ceiling.  Somewhere in this old house's history, there was someone who took out a supporting beam.  And not just one support - MANY!  As Mike has knocked out walls or replaced doors,  he can see where the past renovations have gone wrong and he has been able to put in headers and support beams so that our house doesn't fall in. (And luckily, Mike has the background to know this and how to correct it.) 

The room is really shaping up to look like a real space!!  Dry wall is up and mudding is done.  This is the west side of the room. 

Now you can see why we call it the sun room! This side of the space will most likely house my bookcases and maybe a small bistro table and chairs. 

This is the east side of the space and the side where I see a small sectional and the TV.  It doesn't have as much light on this side so I think it will be perfect for napping and a Netflix marathon!  

The ceiling has texture and the walls have orange peel - now all we have to do is put some primer on the walls this weekend.  Hard to believe this will have taken Mike a couple of weekends to complete. 

And finally some flowers. The students I work with every single day are the reason I go to work every. single. day. One of my students sent me some flowers as a thank you last week. And sometimes it's hard to imagine the impact you are having on these kids until you get that thank you. And I'm hear to say those notes and cards mean a lot to me.

More to come as we work on painting the sun room this weekend, and demo begins on the first floor tiny bathroom!  Have a great week everyone! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Small happenings

Meet our newest foster dog, Patsy.  Since she doesn't feel like a Patsy to us, we have been calling her HR Fluffinstuff or Fluffers or FluffFluff.  She is a very sweet and active girl who loves to play nonstop.  She came to us after being dumped in a shelter.  Apparently, a fifteen year old boy got her for his 15 year old girlfriend.  Well, I'm sure you can guess how that went.  The father of the 15 year old girl said, "No way!" and that's how she ended up at the shelter.  Luckily, our rescue stepped in and we decided to foster her.  I'm sure she will not be with us long. She is a beautiful girl with a sweet personality.  She will be a great companion for any family. 

In an effort to relieve some stress and disappointment in my job, I have decided to try this whole coloring book phenomenon.  And I gotta say, I love it!  It's amazing how calm it makes me. You should try it for yourself and see what you think. 

And last but not least, Miss Roxie went to the vet last week.  It's usually a pretty stressful affair for her but this time we managed to keep her stress levels pretty low and she didn't poop in Mike's car at all!  She did however poop on the welcome mat at the office right as we were leaving but we consider that a success none-the-less.  

Hope you are having a good week! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Window Shopping - Wicker & the Works and Goode's Greenhouse

Two of my favorite places to frequent when I'm looking for a cool and funky gift for someone..... like myself.  :)